Enjoy a range of workouts you can complete anytime, anywhere. The same Pilates, yoga, Barre and strength workouts you love, now available for you to try at home.


These workouts vary in intensity and length, and are adaptable for all fitness levels.



Bigger isn’t always better; pilates is proof of that. With tiny, precise and controlled movements, it doesn’t take much to feel the burn. Pilates relies on a strong mind-body connection to achieve the best results. These pilates workouts will stretch out your limbs, improve your posture and tone your entire body.


Connecting mindful movement with the breath to cultivate a higher level physical and spiritual awareness. Improve your balance, flexibility and overall strength with an invigorating mix of yoga styles. Perfect as part of your energising morning routine, as a midday pick-me-up or a relaxing end-of-day release.


Push your limits with a heart-pumping fusion of dance, Pilates, yoga and functional training. These ballet-inspired workouts are choreographed to motivating music with movements that challenge both mind and body. Low-impact and high-intensity, Barre is easy on the joints but hard on the heart rate. 


Full body workouts that help build lean muscle and increase strength. Uncover your strongest self with a mix of short bursts and endurance workouts that require little to no equipment. Challenge your body with varied strength exercises that simultaneously improve cardiovascular fitness, mobility and functional movement. 

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